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The Art of Business Communications

There’s an art to effective business communications, which we’ve been honing for years. Our professional business consultants, writers, copywriters, and editors have helped private and public businesses, government, non-governmental organizations, professionals, and non-profit organizations achieve their strategic goals. We ensure that everything you communicate reflects well on your organization and achieves its desired purpose. Our proofreading, writing and, editing services make sure your project radiates perfection.

Our people care deeply about every client, and we customize our solutions to meet your unique needs and organizational character. We offer experience, a penchant for perfection, and strategic know-how to ensure you receive the quality and service you expect and deserve.

“You did a superb job! When I saw your changes, I was very impressed. Worth every cent (but glad to be under budget)!”

Stanley Fidyk
Director of Internal Controls, ATB Financial


You’re not just creating content to hear your own voice. You’ve got goals to achieve—and we’ll help you reach them. At FinalEyes, your writing or editing project is in the hands of people who carefully consider your business objectives and how your messages and communications tools can best achieve them. We aren’t just good with words; we take time to understand your desired outcomes so the content works for you.

Don’t know what communications tools will meet your business needs? We’ll help you design an effective, outcomes-based communications plan, complete with messages, timing, and tactics, to make sure your efforts achieve the biggest bang for your buck.


To communicate effectively, your message has to be concise, meaningful, and conversational. Our writers are creative, and they know how to engage your readers’ emotions, arouse their curiosity, and compel them to take action. At the same time, we have a solid understanding of business and the western Canadian market, allowing us to deliver strategic content for all your communications materials.


You have targets and deadlines. We get that! Meeting your deadline is our promise. Your project will be done on time, and we’ll manage the process along the way to make sure it’s going smoothly. And because we’re not entrenched in the day-to-day operations of your business, we often deliver more quickly than expected and bring a fresh, objective perspective to the work.


Typos, missed words, and less-than-perfect grammar drive us crazy. Our editors triple-proof everything we review or create to eliminate errors in your communications materials. Whether we’re writing a direct mail piece, putting together your annual report, or editing an article, our goal is to deliver perfectly polished work that gets results. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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    Creative copywriting

    Whether you have text ready to send to a writer right now or you’re looking for a copywriter to collaborate with your creative team, we’re here to help.

    Professional copy editing

    Avoid embarrassing and costly blunders by getting your communications reviewed by a professional editor.

    Professional proofreading and document formatting

    Our proofreading services help ensure your business communications are error-free and as close to perfect as possible.

    Technical writing

    Our technical writers know how to take complex ideas, procedures, and processes and transform them into easily understandable language for your audiences.

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